COVID-19 Testing

The testing site will close permanently on Friday, May 27, 2022. 

Please monitor this page for the status of the testing site. If the site is ever closed, it will be posted at the top of this page in red by 6:30 a.m.

Free COVID-19 Testing Available

Testing Info As part of the Appleton Area School District’s layered mitigation strategies to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep our schools open for in-person learning, we are offering free COVID-19 antigen rapid testing for students and staff. We are partnering with Novir, a diagnostic biotechnology company that was assigned to the AASD through the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. 

The testing site is located in the parking lot off of the Grand Meridian, 2621 N. Oneida Street (near the AASD Welcome Center).

This testing site is open to our staff, their immediate family members, and our students and their immediate family members.

If you have not yet registered with Novir, instructions to provide consent for your student and register are below. Registration is required for Novir, on behalf of AASD, to test your student. A parent/guardian must be present.

Make an Appointment

Appointments are available Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 7:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Please note: 1 car with 3 people in it would be 3 slots, 1 car with 1 person would be 1 slot, etc.

Tests without an appointment are no longer available at this site. Signing up for an appointment is separate from registering with NOVIR, which is required. Learn more about registering at the bottom of this page.

AASD staff or students' families can find appointments here for the week of:

5/24 - 5/26

Every Friday the next week’s appointments will be posted above. Need help with Sign Up Genius? Find instructions in English here and Spanish here.

Pre-registration with Novir will still be required. Find more information on registering below. Please register before coming to the appointment to keep the process moving.

Testing EntranceHow to Access Testing

  1. Pull into the parking lot off of the Grand Meridian (2621 N. Oneida Street) from North Oneida Street through the entrance nearest the water tower. 
  2. Families, students, and staff should remain in their vehicles and pull into a testing spot. 
  3. Please call the phone number on the sign to check-in. The tester will check you in over the phone (to limit the amount of time outside), prepare the swab, and then come outside to swab.
  4. Once tested, you are free to leave. You will no longer be required to wait at the site. You will be notified in approximately 20 minutes of your result on your phone.

Test Results
You will receive a text and/or e-mail indicating your test results are available.

If the antigen test is positive, the student/staff member would need to follow the positive case process including notifying their school/AASD Human Resources Department.

If the antigen test is negative, the student/staff member will be allowed to return to school that day or when they feel well enough to return. 

Although AASD students/staff are not required to use this testing site, we want to make testing as convenient as possible for our families and staff. For more information on other local testing opportunities, please reach out to your doctor, or see this list of area testing locations.

Testing Site Winter Schedule/Closures Due to Weather
Because our AASD COVID-19 testing site is an outdoor testing site, the winter weather will affect its operating hours. The testing site will follow AASD schools in the event of delays or closures due to inclement weather.

When the National Weather Service lists the Appleton area as 5 degrees or colder before 7:00 a.m. the AASD COVID-19 testing site will not open until 12 p.m. It’s likely we will make this type of closing decision on the morning of the day in question. If a test is needed that day before noon, we encourage our staff and families to visit another testing location. If you had an appointment scheduled before noon and the testing site closes due to weather, you will need to schedule a new appointment.

Haven’t registered yet? 
To register and provide consent for your child, please visit and click the Sign-Up link, fill in the requested information, agree to the consent terms, and respond to some recent health questions. There will be a few different screens and you will get a "Success" pop-up once you finish the registration process.

The last question on the first page will ask for your Organization Code. The code is unique to each school, please ensure you enter the Organization Code for the school your student attends. Immediate family members should use the code of their staff member or student’s school when registering. 

Find your school’s code below:

Appleton Central/Pride  1209     
Appleton Community 4K 2701
Appleton East/eSchool/Tesla 2121
Appleton North/FCLA 5000
Appleton Public Montessori 1545
Appleton West/ATECH/RSA 6109
Badger Elementary 5019
Berry Elementary 3601
Classical School 3310
Columbus Elementary/ABS 9139
Community Early Learning Center 3139
Dunlap Elementary 1099
Edison Elementary 4129
Einstein Middle 3249
Ferber Elementary 5159
Foster Elementary 3059
Franklin Elementary
Higher Ground 9110
Highlands Elementary/Odyssey 2037
Horizons Elementary 2109
Houdini Elementary 2305
Huntley Elementary 2224
Jefferson Elementary/FRA 1999
Johnston Elementary 2725
Kaleidoscope Academy 3189
Madison Middle 2029
McKinley Elementary 1125
Richmond Elementary 4114
Valley New School 1028
Wilson Middle/Magellan 2259
Wisconsin Connections Academy 3509

Parents/Guardians should register with name and contact information first, and then click the + Add a Household Member link to register all of your students. This will ensure you are notified when their results are entered.

NOVIR has updated its registration process to allow for multiple students with different school codes to be registered under one email address. If you previously used multiple emails to register multiple students, you can make changes within your account to add or remove students to just one account. Please note, if you delete a student and re-add them, their testing history/pending results will be deleted and will not be recoverable.

If you need help with the registration/consent process, or have questions, please reach out to [email protected]  or call (262) 421-6393.