Community Linkage Events

In March of 2022 the Board of Education developed and approved a Community Linkages Plan designed to promote and increase shared conversations between Board Members and community stakeholders.

Purpose of Community Linkages

  • Strengthen our schools and increase student opportunities and achievement
  • Foster gathering diverse opinions from a wide variety of stakeholders to inform Board decisions
  • Understand the full impact of Board decisions on stakeholders
  • Gather quantitative and qualitative data by engaging with stakeholders
  • Foster communications between the Board and stakeholders

Goals and Expectations
The Community Linkages Plan, as part of Coherent Governance, seeks to address how the Board:

  • Consistently and deliberately engages with community stakeholders on topics of concern and interest.
  • Proactively engages with the community on an ongoing and planned basis to understand expectations and concerns. Ensures stakeholders’ viewpoints are obtained in a timely manner and are valued and respected.
  • Strives to gather broad, diverse opinions from a variety of stakeholders to inform Board decision making.
  • Provides opportunities for the Board to communicate their collective vision for the district and provide for the rationale of decisions and policies. Assists in understanding the impact of the Board’s decisions on stakeholders.
  • Builds trust between the Board and the community through consistent and meaningful engagement.

Community Cafés
Community Cafés are an informal way of gathering Board Members and community members to share thoughts, ideas, and questions about AASD policies. Community Cafés are open to all community members, however, due to capacity, attendance may be limited to 40 attendees at each event.

AASD Community Linkages Committee
Edward Ruffolo (Chair)
Nick Ross
Kris Sauter

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
May 26, no events27May 28, no eventsMay 29, no eventsMay 30, no eventsMay 31, no eventsJune 01, no events
June 02, no eventsJune 03, no eventsJune 04, no eventsJune 05, no eventsJune 06, no events7June 08, no events
June 09, no events10June 11, no eventsJune 12, no eventsJune 13, no eventsJune 14, no eventsJune 15, no events
June 16, no eventsJune 17, no eventsJune 18, no eventsJune 19, no eventsJune 20, no eventsJune 21, no eventsJune 22, no events
June 23, no events24June 25, no events26June 27, no eventsJune 28, no eventsJune 29, no events
June 30, no eventsJuly 01, no eventsJuly 02, no eventsJuly 03, no eventsJuly 04, no eventsJuly 05, no eventsJuly 06, no events
Watch this space for upcoming Community Cafe events.

Watch this space for upcoming meetings.
Board of Education Committee Meetings are not broadcast via live stream but are open to the public unless otherwise noticed.