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Media Expectations

The Appleton Area School District recognizes and appreciates the role of media in providing news and information to our community. At the same time, procedures must be in place that ensures a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff that supports learning with as few disruptions as possible. 

Have a story idea about Appleton Area School District Schools? Want to set up an interview? Here are some easy steps to help you get what you need as quickly and easily as possible.

If you want to visit a school for a story, please contact the AASD Communications Department first to schedule. We will work to facilitate your request within your timeline.

District Communications Coordinator
Kylie Harwell
(920) 852-5300 ext. 60122

The secondary contact for media requests is the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & School Board. They can be reached at (920) 852-5300 ext. 60111.  

Please do not visit a school without prior approval. Our staff are responsible for the safety and privacy of our students first and foremost and they take that responsibility very seriously. They will direct you to the AASD Communication staff, so it's best if you start here first.

If you wish to talk to AASD staff (paraprofessional, teacher, administrator, superintendent, etc.), please contact AASD Communications first to set up the interview. Please remember, that not everyone enjoys speaking with news media, and everyone is already busy with their daily workloads.

That's where the Comms Department can help you! If you call and we're unable to answer, please leave a message with details of what you need, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you leave a message or email us about a story, please include the topic of the story, when your deadline is, and/or when you were planning to run the piece.

Daily news plans and school schedules are often not the same. If you have feature-style story ideas, or stories that do not have to be told immediately, please let us know ahead of time so we all have a better chance of speaking with the right person, and they have time to prepare to get you all the information you need.

AASD generally does not comment on national education stories or stories that have taken place in other school districts. We also generally do not comment on proposed legislation and how it may or may not impact our district. As we know, the legislative process is fluid and bills often change before they are signed into law.

We understand that approaching parents or guardians waiting to pick up their students might seem like an easy way for a reporter to find sources. Unfortunately, this can pose a safety concern for students - and the reporter - as traffic gets congested and drivers become impatient or distracted during the hectic dismissal process. Please consider finding parents another way: at a neighborhood grocery store, library, or the mall - somewhere away from heavy traffic. Please respect school district property.

Press Releases
We routinely send out Press Releases and Media Advisories to local media outlets. We include an interview list as relevant and a contact person that you are encouraged to coordinate with.

School Building Visits
Please keep in mind that a variety of factors affecting the school schedule (school-wide events, holidays, testing, or similar activities) may prevent a visit on a specific date and/or time. 

Student Privacy
We also operate in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which provides parents/guardians/students to opt out of the release of certain information. If you are taking videos or pictures of students, please remember not to show faces unless approved by AASD Communications or building administration. They will be able to ensure that the proper media releases from families are on file.

The only exception: routine athletics coverage. As a general rule, members of the media may take general footage of students during school events that are open to the public, which includes athletic events.

Requests for the Appleton Area School District School Board
Requests for members of the School Board and/or members can be made directly to the Board member. You will find their information here.

School Board Meetings
The media is encouraged to attend meetings of the School Board. Meeting announcements, agendas, meeting minutes, and other related supporting documents are available to the media through BoardDocs

To avoid disruption of the meeting, media are asked to approach/interview Board members, guest speakers, or members of the audience outside of the Community Room prior to or after the meeting.