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Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP)

Act 55 of 2015 made changes to open enrollment specific to students with disabilities. Nonresident districts previously billed resident districts for the basic open enrollment amount plus any actual, additional costs noticed to resident districts through a cost estimate.

Beginning with the 2016-17 open enrollment school year the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will make an aid transfer of $12,000 for all open enrolled students with disabilities (full time, full year) in the same manner as they do for students without disabilities. The amount will be prorated based on the status of the student and/or number of days of attendance. Nonresident districts may no longer charge resident districts for any actual, additional costs for students with disabilities.

In addition, Act 55 of 2015 created the Special Needs Scholarship Program which allows a student with a disability, who meets certain eligibility requirements, to receive a scholarship from the DPI to attend participating private schools.

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Notice of Special Needs Scholarship Program