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Student Directory Data and Media Opt-Out Form

To prevent the release of your student’s directory data, images, and recordings, you must complete and a specific form each school year through the annual student registration process.

Directory Data

The Appleton Area School District identifies the following as directory data:

  • Student’s name
  • Address
  • Major field of study (grade level)
  • Participation in activities and sports
  • Height of athletic team members
  • Dates of attendance
  • Photographs
  • Awards received
  • Most recent school attended

Parents/guardians can:

  1. Not allow the release of directory data (address and grade level) to local/community or non-AASD organizations.
  2. High school students only: Not allow the release of directory data to the military or universities.
  3. Not include their student’s name, grade, and picture in the school yearbook/class composite.
Media Release

Many parents/guardians support and encourage the public celebration of achievements by our schools and students, so by default, photos and videos of students and their work may be used in district materials, websites, and social media. Parents/guardians can opt out and not allow their student’s image, work, accomplishments, etc., to be used. Student names are usually not used in association with media, but when they are, only first names will be used except in situations where full names are standard.

Public Performances and Events

Student privacy cannot be ensured at public events, such as athletic or fine arts events where recording is allowed. Participation in these events implies consent to being recorded by others. News media access to non-public locations will follow established guidelines.

This does not provide a basis for opting out of the regularly scheduled school events, including but not limited to vision, hearing and other screenings. A child’s pupil record information may continue to be provided to individuals contracted to provide services to the District. 


Board Policy 492 Photographing & Videotaping in the Schools

Board Policy 363 Acceptable Use for Technology & Network Resources