English Language Arts (ELA)

AASD Guiding Principles for Teaching and Learning K-12 English Language Arts:

  • Every student has the right to learn
  • Instruction must be rigorous and relevant
  • Purposeful assessment drives instruction and affects learning
  • Learning is a collaborative responsibility
  • Students bring strengths and experiences to learning
  • Responsive environments engage learners

AASD Foundations for K-12 English Language Arts:

  • English Language Arts is an integrated discipline
  • English Language Arts instruction builds an understanding of the human experience
  • Literacy is an evolving concept, and becoming literate is a lifelong learning process
  • Critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity are aspects of effective Communication Arts instruction and attributes of AASD graduates
  • Literacy, language, and meaning are socially constructed and are enhanced by multiple perspectives

Contact Information

Dr. Carrie Willer, PhD
Director of Elementary (5K-6) Education
(920) 852-5300 ext. 60170

Kelly Leopold 
7-12 Director of ELA, Social Studies and World Language
(920) 852-5300 ext. 60172

Liz Frassetto
Administrative Assistant
(920) 852-5300 ext. 60168

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