Building Readiness

Are our buildings ready for fully in-person learning?
Even as we continue to see widespread community transmission in our city and region,  we are prepared to have students in our buildings as soon as the criteria for pandemic conditions are met. We have worked throughout the summer and fall to plan and prepare our buildings to ensure that safety protocol and procedures are in place.

● Mask lanyards for our EC-6 students
● Face covering/masks for any student that needs one
● Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for school staff
● 250 portable hand sanitizing stations, 150 sprayers for disinfecting during non-school hours, 1600 buckets of sanitizing wipes

Building Updates
● Installation of nearly 250 plexiglass barriers in offices and designated areas
● Restructured student seating (i.e. students facing in one direction, plexiglass barriers for tables, space desks or seating at tables 3-6 feet apart)
● Installation of hands-free water bottle filling stations at every school
● Handwashing wipes or hand sanitizer dispensers available near each classroom door that does not have a sink
● Centrally located district supplied and student safe products to use to wipe down desks
● Required signage, directional hallway signage, and safety reminders
● Upgraded HVAC systems to improve air quality

● Cohort determinations for hybrid learning
● Transportation logistics
● Procedures for meals during school day
● Adapted schedules for the hybrid learning model

● Dedicated School Nurse to focus only on COVID-19 supports
● As of September 2, Certified Educator benchmark met
● Additional elementary teachers hired to reduce in-person class sizes in grades K-4 to provide for appropriate distancing measures
● Ongoing hiring of substitute teachers and paraprofessionals
● Creative problem solving to accommodate staffing needs, including reassigning staff when necessary to meet student needs
● Pre-hiring for Health Isolation Room Paraprofessionals

Plans and Procedures
● Safe and Resilient Return - Approved July 27
● Addendum with Criteria for Changing Educational Models - Approved August 12