United for Reading Success (UFRS)


United for Reading Success (UFRS) is a high-quality and well-structured volunteer first grade reading program. The intention of the UFRS program is to encourage children to enjoy books, support their efforts to learn to read, and to celebrate their successes.

The UFRS program is aligned with AASD’s reading curriculum and instruction and is intended to build confidence and create lifelong readers and learners.

The structure of each 30-minute session includes time for the tutor to read to the child and time to work together on a list of high frequency words. For the last 10 minutes of each session, the child reads which provides practice and allows the child to discover new things, opening doors to new adventures, opportunities and a brighter future!

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Partners in Education: United for Reading program success in Appleton elementary schools


Recently, a first grade girl told me she “likes to read”. I felt so much joy inside. I volunteer because I care. To help a child with reading is to help them feel successful and confident.  It is so much fun when you read or sometimes even sing a song together; “The wheels on the bus go round and round.”  The students love to show me that they can read. A child wants your time. A child wants your attention. I’m doing something good! I feel something real!  I want to tell everyone to just “get out and volunteer”!  - Bob Taylor
It’s a fantastic high when the light goes on! The confidence just gushes out of the student. - Gary Rector

“One of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life.”  - Anonymous volunteer 

“My tutor makes me feel happy.”  “My tutor makes my imagination work.” - Comments from a young student that benefits from tutoring

Participating elementary schools

  • Badger
  • Berry
  • Columbus
  • Dunlap
  • Edison
  • Ferber
  • Franklin
  • Highlands
  • Huntley
  • Jefferson
  • Johnston
  • Richmond