3-5 Year Old Developmental Screenings

3 to 5 Year Old Developmental Screenings

The Appleton Area School District encourages all families to participate in screenings for all children ages 3 to 5 that are not enrolled in kindergarten.

The purpose of the developmental screening is to check on the child's overall development and to determine if the child may need further testing or services prior to kindergarten.

The district offers many programs and services for children who may need support before kindergarten to achieve school success.

 The developmental screening looks at all areas of child development including:
  • how a child talks, listens and moves
  • how a child uses his/her hands
  • how a child learns

Consider the developmental screening to be your child's "other check-up" which can provide peace of mind that your child is on track or can identify supports which might benefit your child. All families receive information on school and community resources during the screening.

The Developmental Screening is designed to:

  • Educate families about typical child development and growth
  • Develop/Expand awareness of available community resources
  • Identify young children in need of further assessment

Children ages 3 to 5 must live in the Appleton Area School District. Children under 3 must live in Outagamie County.

Parents or Guardians do not need to have concerns to schedule a screening!

Upcoming 3-5 Year Old Screening Dates and Days

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic 3-5-year-old developmental screenings have been cancelled. At this time, we are uncertain when screenings will resume.

We will keep this page updated as to when screenings will continue, and will send out information regarding screenings that will take place when we are back in session.

We are available to support, provide information or respond to questions.

If you have questions about developmental screenings, please call the Screening Secretary to schedule an appointment, (920) 832-6109.