Athletic Forms

No student may try out until they have a current physical or alternate year on file. If you are unsure whether your student needs a physical or an alternative year physical, please contact your school.

The following forms should be filled out and handed into your school's office along with any fees.

  • Sports Form (including signatures relating to Permit and Liability, Code of Conduct, WIAA Eligibility, Athletic Alternate Year/New Physical and physician's signature)
  • Completed Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Parent Agreement
  • Completed Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Student Agreement
  • Completed Consent to Treat Form
  • Participation Fee(s)

All above forms are available in your school office or below.

ThedaCare requires the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation History Form, which is included in the Sports Form below. Please bring it with you to your medical appointment/physical. You may want to reach to your physician's office to ensure you have all needed forms completed before your appointment.

Sports Form (English)

Sports Form (Hmong)

Sports Form (Spanish)
The Sports Form is a two-page form for most needed signatures

Be sure to get your physician's signature and/or stamp on the Sports Form.
Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Parent and Student Agreements

Clicking on the above link will take you to the WIAA website to access Student and Parent Concussion & Sudden Cardiac Arrest Agreements, including Hmong and Spanish translations.
By signing this form, you are stating that you have read the Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) and the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) Concussion and Head Injury information sheet and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information sheet.


Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information

Clicking on the above link will take you to the WIAA website to access Concussion & Sudden Cardiac Arrest information, including Hmong and Spanish translations. 
Consent to Treat Form

Tarjeta Para Permiso de Tratamiento

Tsev kawm ntawv AASD daim ntawv rau cov sib tw ua kis las tej ntaub ntawv thaum muaj kam ceev kev kub ntxhov/tso cai rau kho mob
This form must be filed every year before participation can begin in any athletic program.


Travel Release Forms
Travel Release forms are to be used only if your student will not be traveling with the team to/from/both for a sport event. These should only be used when absolutely necessary. They must be handed in at least 24 hours before the event. All forms are also available in your school office.

Please contact your school's Athletics Director with any questions. 

Student Travel Release Form

Forma del Permiso de Transporte del Estudiante

Daim Ntawv Tso Cai Rau Menyuam Kawm Ntawv Tawm Mus Ib Qho Rau Ib Qho  


Code of Conduct (9th-12th grade)
Code of Conduct (7th-8th grade)

Parents and student athletes are responsible for the contents of this document. Once you have read it, sign on the Sports Form.

WIAA Eligibility Bulletin
It is the responsibility of the athlete and parent to read the information contained in the WIAA Eligibility Bulletin and then sign on the Sports Form.

Appleton East
Associate Principal - Activities
Tim Zachow

Appleton North
Associate Principal - Activities
Jere Kubuske

Appleton West
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John Miller



The AASD partners with ThedaCare who provide free physicals for Appleton High School athletes.