Advisory Truancy Task Force

The Appleton Area School District believes there is a positive relationship between school attendance and student success. We further believe that school attendance is a responsibility shared by students, parents, schools, and our community.

The purpose of the Advisory Truancy Task Force is to

  • collaborate with community members and partners to support students and families in achieving regular attendance in the AASD and to address truancy concerns using evidence-based best practices
  • review independent report summary, its recommendations, and relevant data
  • build background knowledge of attendance laws
  • review updated/revised AASD truancy process and procedures related to due process rights - clarify the three areas of review/evaluation and how this is accomplished
  • propose additional Tier 3 Interventions to prevent truancy
  • propose collaborative approaches to address habitual truancy

This representative group (AASD staff and administrators, community members, mental health provider/ screener, parents/families, students, APD, County, Boys and Girls Club (TRAC/STAR), etc.) led by Assistant Superintendent Polly Vanden Boogaard and Pa Lee Moua, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, will be open to a collaborative approach, understand the advisory nature of the group and follow established norms.

Background Information on Truancy Court

School-based Truancy Court was established in 2009 to address challenges:
  • Many students and families were not attending hearings at the courthouse after receiving truancy citations
  • Communication between various agencies supporting students and families identified as being habitually truant was inconsistent, leading to ineffective systems

Truancy Court Outcomes

  • Habitual truancy was reduced by 24.01% from 2008/09 to 2010/11
  • Habitual truancy was reduced by 22.61% from the first two years of implementation to the most current two year period of implementation
  • Over 70% of students who received the Civics Lessons did not end up in Truancy Court

Significant concerns identified in the November/December 2018 Independent Review:

  • Due process rights of students
  • Treatment of students/families in Truancy Court



  • Advisory Truancy Task Force created 
  • Truancy letters/notifications in Infinite Campus (IC) reviewed by legal counsel and updated, letters should be in use
  • Check in on the formation of attendance teams at each building
  • Administrative meetings with Outagamie County and Boys & Girls Club


  • Lead Learner presentation with AASD administration
  • Training for Attendance Secretary
  • Dean/Youth Advocate meeting
  • Board of Education approval of Advisory Truancy Task Force
  • Ongoing administrative meetings with Outagamie County and Boys & Girls Club


  • First Advisory Truancy Task Force Meeting - March 20
  • Level meetings with administration
  • Student Records Policy updated and ready to be reviewed by the Board of Education Policy Committee
  • Active School Attendance Teams


  • Input from Truancy Task Force concerning district attendance letters
  • Reviewed state statutes relating to compulsory school attendance and school attendance enforcement


  • Guest speaker Jonathan Cloud
  • Shared research regarding other school district attendance and truancy practices
  • Legal obligations presentation by Attorney Tony Renning


  • Reviewed previous practices and interventions used to address attendance and truancy in the AASD
  • Presented at Programs and Services meeting on July 18
  • Shared out additional ideas and services for new restorative practices attendance continuum
  • Proposed three options for potential outcomes to be used with students who continue to be habitually truant despite interventions and supports as outlined in the restorative practices attendance continuum