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What is Canvas?
Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) used by our district in Early Childhood through 12th grade that serves as a digital classroom.

Canvas allows teachers to manage content, record and measure learning, and communicate with all users. Students can connect with their teacher and peers, access activities and assignments, and receive feedback. Parents and guardians function as observers of the course, which allows them to view work pertaining to their individual student(s).

Why Canvas?

  • Consistency and Efficiency - We believe Canvas facilitates learning in a consistent and efficient manner that improves the process in which we teach and communicate with students and parents. 
  • Personalized Learning - Teachers can build their course digitally, with several options that allow for more personalized learning for students. We have been working hard district-wide to meet the needs of ALL students to achieve success.  This is one way that we offer that support. 
  • Preparation for the Future - Canvas is just one of many learning management systems used world-wide in K-12 and universities.  However, Canvas is the LMS currently being used throughout the University of Wisconsin System. Outside of Wisconsin, Canvas is used on campuses such as The Ohio State University, University of Miami, North Central State University and many more. K-12 schools using Canvas in Wisconsin include Oshkosh and Pulaski as well as many others. Introducing our students to this instruction delivery method is one more way we are striving to prepare them for their future.
  • Mobile Friendly - Canvas has mobile apps available for students, parents, and teachers.

Getting Started for Parents and Guardians

Visit the AASD Canvas Observer Orientation for an overview of Canvas that will help you support your student to maximize their learning.

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Note - AASD Students and Staff access Canvas from their ClassLink LaunchPad.

How is Canvas different from Infinite Campus?

Canvas will provide a more detailed look at your student’s education and will have the most up-to-date grade information.

Use Canvas to see assignment details, view teacher feedback, and engage with your students’ teachers. Infinite Campus will show all student grades in one location.

Use Infinite Campus for an overview, a “check engine light,” and use Canvas to “take a look under the hood.”