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Elementary Math

Math Expressions
K-6 Mathematics

Support and resources for families in the Appleton Area School District with K-6 students using the Math Expressions Curriculum.

Online Access to Math Expressions Materials

Students have access to online mathematics materials available at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s ThinkCentral website. Here you can find digital versions of the Math Expressions materials used in class. In addition, ThinkCentral can provide students with assignments, assessments, enrichment and more.

Students can access ThinkCentral by using the ThinkCentral icon at their ClassLink page. NOTE: Students sign in to ClassLink using their AASD username and password. This information can be obtained from the student's classroom teacher.

ThinkCentral Instructions


Once logged in, the student welcome page will appear.

  • Things to Do displays a list of assignments and their due dates.
  • My Test Scores shows the student’s progress in assessments.
  • My Library provides access to the online version of the text, as well as any other materials the teacher has made available.
things to do

To access the textbook, click on My Library and then choose the Student Activity Book. From here, you can navigate to the current unit and lesson by clicking the Table of Content icon found at the top-left.

My Library

From the My Library page you can also access other resources such as: Homework and Remembering pages, Parents Place and the Math Activity Center. The Math Activity Center provides interactive activities that can reinforce the concepts presented in the current lesson.