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Head lice are tiny, wingless, gray-brown, hairy, flat insects that live in human hair, generally on the scalp. They are very small (1-2 mm. in length). Lice hatch from small eggs, called nits, which attach very firmly with a glue-like substance to the hair shaft. Head lice are commonly referred to as a nuisance condition because they rarely cause any serious medical concern. However, live lice are communicable and can result in secondary infection to the scalp if not properly treated.

Specific guidelines have been developed for the treatment of head lice and/or nits in the Appleton Area School District. These guidelines include parent notification, treatment instructions, and parent responsibilities.

The parent/guardian of any student found to have nits or live lice will be notified. Parents/guardians may choose to pick up the student at the time of discovery or at the end of the school day.

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