Open Enrollment - Inter District (Out of District)

The Appleton Area School District shall allow nonresident students residing with the State of Wisconsin to attend school full-time within the AASD, and resident students shall be permitted to attend school in other districts. The process for nonresident parents to submit open enrollment applications takes place in February (between the first Monday in February and 4:00 p.m. on the last weekday in April). Absolutely no late applications will be accepted.

Once accepted as an open enrolled student, the student may transition to the same middle and high school as their attendance area peers. If the elementary or middle school student is transferring to a middle or high school that transitions to more than one school, then the student will be afforded a choice of schools.

Transportation for open enrolled students is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

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2024-25 Open Enrollment

The regular application Open Enrollment period is now closed.

2024-25 Alternative Open Enrollment

An alternative application allows students to apply for open enrollment during the current school year or outside of the regular application period. This is available starting in July. For additional information, please review the Alternative Open Enrollment Parent Brochure.