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School Fees

Nearly every public school district in Wisconsin charges student fees or user fees. These fees are typically used to offset the cost of classroom supplies, texts and materials used by students throughout the school year. The Appleton Area School District also charges student fees for this purpose. These annual fees are for every student and vary according to grade level. Other fees for specific classes or activities may still apply. Please contact your school for more information.

Any request or consideration for fee waivers must be addressed through the free and reduced lunch application process.

Want to pay student fees online or see your balance?

This information is available on the Infinite Campus portal at any time.

  • Fees (My Cart)
    • The Fees tool provides a list of all fees assigned to you. Fees may include things like a lab fee for a science course, a fee for a field trip or the cost of an athletic activity. Step-by-step Instructions
  • Optional Payments
    • Optional fees are fees that are not assigned for payment by the school. This could be things like parking stickers, donations to the school, school supplies, etc. These optional fees display in a list, allowing you to select the fee and make the payment yourself by adding it to your cart. Step-by-step Instructions


Student Fees