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The Appleton Area School District provides transportation for students who meet the district eligibility guidelines. If your student qualifies your family will receive a letter stating this qualification.

If you do not receive a letter and think you may qualify, please call the AASD Transportation Department at (920) 852-5341.

Have questions regarding bus eligibility, what the bus routes are, bus times, and bus stop locations?

All regular education busing (public and parochial) questions go directly to Lamers Bus Lines at (920) 832-8800 extension 2.

All questions regarding special education busing should be directed to the AASD Special Education office at (920) 852-5300 ext. 62111 or 62112.

Bus Rider Reminders
Students should be waiting outside for pick-up at least five minutes before the listed pick-up time. Pick-up and drop-off times may vary daily depending on the number of students riding on any given day, or because of weather, and especially during the first several weeks of school from 5 to 15 minutes. 

If your child is not outside waiting at the pick-up location, the bus driver will assume the child is not riding and will continue on with the route. Vehicles will not be sent back for students who miss the bus.

If your child needs to be met, please be watching for the bus. In some cases, your student will not be picked up or dropped off directly in front of your home, but at a common stop that has been set within a few blocks; note the “Pick-up” and “Drop-Off Location.”

It's highly recommended that an adult waits at the bus stop location to supervise your child and to make sure your child safely gets to and from home from the bus stop location.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Looking for Transportation info in Infinite Campus?
When logged into the Parent Portal, please click on the menu on the left side, then click More. Click on the Transportation tab and select the appropriate student on the right side if needed.  The screen will refresh when you change students.

Charter School Transportation
Transportation for charter school students is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.