Epinephrine & Allergy Management

Food allergies continue to be a growing problem, especially among young children. Approximately 15 million people in the United States suffer from food allergies, 6 million of whom are children. These children spend much of their day in school, where they may be exposed to food allergens which can trigger a severe immune response, known as anaphylaxis.

The AASD now has stock epinephrine available in each school building. The epinephrine is located in the school office and in the AED box. School personnel have been provided education and training on the appropriate use of medication administration. The stock epinephrine will not be taken on field trips.  

For students that have a diagnosis that requires emergency treatment with epinephrine, parent(s)/guardians remain responsible to supply the school with a child specific epi-pen. Please see the AASD Board policy 453.4 Administration of Drug Products/Medications to Students.


See Health Forms for related forms.