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Open Enrollment

In Wisconsin, open enrollment allows students to attend public schools outside of their resident school district. This can include both in-district enrollment, also known as school of choice within district, where students attend a non-charter school within their home district that is not their assigned school and inter-district enrollment, where students enroll in schools outside their home district. Note: Transportation for open enrolled students is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Are you an Appleton Area School District family who wishes to have their student(s) attend a non-charter school other than your neighborhood/home school? Click on In-District Open Enrollment.


In-District Open Enrollment applies to AASD families who wish to have their student(s) attend a school other than their neighborhood school. 

Do you live outside of Appleton Area School District boundaries, but would like to enroll into one of our open schools? Click on Out-of-District Enrollment.

Out-of-DistrictOut-of-District Open Enrollment applies to families who live outside of the AASD that wish to have their student(s) attend an AASD school.

While open enrollment provides flexibility and choice for students and families, it's important to note that not all schools or programs may be open to open enrollment. Some schools or programs may have limited space or resources, or they may have specific admission criteria that must be met. As a result, certain schools or programs may be closed to open enrollment either temporarily or permanently. Districts may establish policies regarding open enrollment capacity limits, prioritizing resident students, or giving preference to certain groups of students. Additionally, schools or programs that are experiencing overcrowding or resource constraints may limit open enrollment to ensure they can adequately serve their current student population.

Open for the 24-25 school year

  • All high schools
  • All middle schools
  • Appleton Community 4K 

Elementary schools: Badger, Berry, Columbus, Dunlap, Edison, Ferber, Franklin, Highlands, Horizons, Houdini, Jefferson, Johnston, McKinley, and Richmond

Closed for the 24-25 school year

  • Huntley Elementary
  • All special education programs and related services are closed (no space available) with the exception of Special Physical Education and Physical Therapy

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