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Part-Time Enrollment

What is Part-time Open Enrollment?
The high school student is enrolled in the resident district and permitted to attend a nonresident district for no more than two courses. Part-time open enrollment to a nonresident district is not available to resident students enrolled in a private or home-based private educational program.

Acceptance/Rejection Criteria
A nonresident student enrolled in a public high school in another district may attend school in the AASD on a part-time basis in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 118.52.

The student and his/her parent or guardian wishing to participate in the part-time open enrollment program are solely responsible for (1) following all application procedures, (2) providing express notice to the applicable school districts that confirms the student’s intent to attend a course into which the student has been accepted, and (3) must meet relevant deadlines, as such requirements are further defined in state law, any applicable state regulations, or the policies and procedures of the applicable school districts. Failure to submit a timely and complete application or a failure to follow other mandatory procedures is grounds for loss of the opportunity to participate in the course(s).

The Superintendent or his/her designee shall be responsible for (1) ensuring that the District appropriately processes all resident and nonresident student applications for the part-time open enrollment program; (2) determining whether the District will approve or deny individual applications based on the criteria established in state law, any applicable state regulations, and applicable District policies and procedures; and (3) determining whether each course identified on an application satisfies any of the District’s high school graduation requirements. The District shall notify the applicant, in writing, if a course will not satisfy a graduation requirement.

Transportation to and from any course(s) taken under this policy shall be the sole responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian, unless state or federal law otherwise requires a school district to provide transportation.

The following criteria will be used for acceptance or rejection of applications:

Space Availability
A high school student may enroll in no more than two (2) courses at any time and only in those courses that have space available. Traditional courses (those that are staffed at 28.5 students to one instructor ratio) will be closed for open enrollment when an enrollment of 27 students is reached.

Classes that use specialized equipment, ELL classes, AP classes, music performance classes, or any other unique course, will establish a cap for nonresident transfers that is 90% of the typical maximum enrollment. Part-time nonresident students with disabilities will be accepted under the same space requirements as full-time nonresident students with disabilities.


  • First preference for space available will be given to resident private or home-based private school students who wish to take one or two courses at one of the high schools. Private or home-based private educational school students must meet the standards for admission to high school and must be residents of the AASD.
  • Remaining space will be available to nonresident students who apply within the legal time frames and meet all other criteria of part-time open enrollment and all criteria required of resident students.
  • If the AASD receives more nonresident applications for a particular course than there are spaces available in that course, the Board of Education shall determine which students to accept based on a lottery.

Other Criteria

  • AASD students with disabilities will be denied enrollment in another district if the course(s) conflicts with the student’s IEP.
  • The resident district must pay tuition for courses taken by nonresident students, calculated in a manner determined by the DPI. A nonresident student will be rejected by the AASD if undue financial hardship to the AASD is incurred.
  • The AASD will notify any resident student requesting part-time enrollment in a course in another district, prior to the course beginning, if the course does not satisfy high school graduation requirements.

Academic records of part-time students will be forwarded to the resident school upon completion of the course(s).

Board Policy 423 Public School Open Enrollment