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Explore School Opportunities

In the Appleton Area School District, we aim to be a destination district for families seeking extensive and diverse school options,  such as our 18 4K sites located throughout our community, our welcoming and inclusive neighborhood schools, and our 14 free, public charter schools each with a different emphasis such as the arts, manufacturing, the environment, STEM education, and college and career preparedness.

Whatever you're looking for, we have it here in Appleton!

4K students


Big Learning for Little Learners

Learn more about where it all begins - in Appleton Community 4K! Join our classes in school-based or community-based sites located throughout Appleton

4K Opportunities

AASD students


Foundations for the Future

View our elementary schools that offer bright beginnings for students through 5th grade in our neighborhood schools

Elementary School Opportunities

students working on mural


Empowering the In-Between Years

Our middle schools offer growth and guidance for students from 6th through 8th grade

Middle School Opportunities



Preparing for What's Next

Discover our high-achieving high schools, each with its own unique culture and traditions, and all fostering welcoming environments for 9th-12 grade students.

High School Opportunities

Classical Violins


Choice and Innovation

Pick one of 14 charter schools, ranging from 4K through 12th grade, offering exciting experiences for students connected to the natural world, focused on leadership, in modern manufacturing, STEM integration and more. 

Charter School Opportunities

Discover Success for Every Student, Every Day in the AASD

We understand that choosing your child’s school is a significant decision. We're confident that your child will grow and learn in our District’s inclusive, high-achieving environment to find their personalized version of Success for Every Student, Every Day!  Whether you are relocating to the Fox Cities or thinking about open enrolling into our district, we encourage you to learn more about our District and how to join us in the AASD

Families outside of the AASD, we invite you to enroll at our schools that are open for open enrollment purposes. Wisconsin’s public school Out-of-District Open Enrollment program allows parents to apply for their children to attend a school district other than the one in which they live. Students, from 4K to grade 12, may apply. Families can learn more and apply here during certain times of the year. Do you have Open Enrollment questions? We encourage you to call our District Enrollment Services at (920) 852-5308.

Our recently passed nearly $130 million referendum shows our community’s commitment to education. Our current and future students and their families will benefit every day from our community’s investment.

Referendum Benefits Starting in Fall 2023

  • Reduced class sizes in our Kindergarten-2nd grade classrooms to 20-1

  • Updated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) areas, specialized STEM staff, and modernized middle schools for our 6th-8th-grade students in fall 2024

  • A brand new elementary school, Sandy Slope Elementary, located on the north side of Appleton, opening in fall 2025

  • Upgrades at each elementary school including a STEM space, specialized STEM staff, improved security, and updating of available spaces

  • New additions and complete renovations at our high schools 

So, join us in Destination AASD! From our thriving music and theater programs to our focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, to our impressive sports teams and everywhere in between, our tradition of high expectations and achievement is evident.