AASD Receives School Supply Donations

AASD Receives School Supply Donations
Posted on 08/22/2022
The AASD will be receiving a series of large donations of school and art supplies from Appleton-based Dixon Ticonderoga Company (formerly Pacon).  Dixon Ticonderoga is a school and art supplies maker that offers a number of brands, with one of the most well-known being Ticonderoga: the yellow No. 2 pencil known for its distinctive green and yellow ferrule. Other brands include Prang art supplies, Tru-Ray construction paper, Fadeless Bulletin Board Paper, and Strathmore sketchbooks and artist papers.

To honor former AASD administrator Ronald C. Dunlap’s legacy, the first donation is on behalf of Dixon Ticonderoga Company and the Kids in Need Foundation, to six AASD schools that have a high percentage of low-income students. Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) believes every child in America deserves equal opportunity and access to a quality education. KINF partners with teachers in underserved schools to ensure students are prepared to learn in the classroom, providing essential school supplies and other badly needed resources. Badger, Columbus, Dunlap, and Jefferson Elementary Schools will each be receiving over 900 10 packs of #2 Ticonderoga pencils, 50 packs of Prang colored pencils, scissors, construction paper, and various craft items (beads, glitter glue and markers, glue sticks, etc.). Wilson Middle and West High School will receive 800 kits that contain sketchbooks, inkjet paper, and art supplies. The value of this portion of the donation is close to $20,000!

The second part of the donation is various art and craft supplies (sketch pads, construction paper, glitter, glue, etc.) for AASD’s K-12 Art programs and our Appleton Community 4K sites.

Donated suppliesThe Appleton Area School District is so grateful for this donation, which is valued at nearly $50,000. Superintendent Greg Hartjes said, “This donation is another great example of how the business community in Appleton supports our students.”

John Carlberg, President and CEO at Appleton-based Dixon Ticonderoga Company (formerly Pacon Corp) indicated, “We have donated more than $5 million worth of essential school supplies through our partnership with Kids In Need Foundation, supporting teachers and students throughout the country. This important work will continue, but we also wanted to make sure that students in our hometown of Appleton have access to the supplies they need. We’re proud to make this donation to the Appleton Area School District, because it’s more than just a pencil -- it’s an opportunity for every student to write their own great story.”

If your company or organization is interested in donating supplies or funds to support school supplies in the Appleton Area School District, please contact Kimm Smith at [email protected]. Donated school supplies not only support our students in need, but our homeless families as well.