Congrats, Summer Grads!

Congrats, Summer Grads!
Posted on 08/28/2023
Last week we held our High School Summer Commencement ceremony for the class of 2023! These students worked so hard this summer in collaboration with our Alternative Education staff and content area teachers and staff. This year we had students from across our high schools participate and graduate early, or through the Credit Recovery Program.

The third summer of Credit Recovery Summer School was highly successful. In addition to building positive relationships with the 99 students who participated, the students also made academic gains. Each student had a plan tailored to meet their needs and focused on missing standards. Students were also allowed to choose how to present their knowledge to meet the standard, though common summative examinations were still administered and passed.

We had positive feedback from students and families on how much they appreciate Appleton West providing this opportunity. It was exciting to see students bring friends who they knew had to recover credits.  

We so appreciate the work of the content area teachers and staff who worked with our Alternative Education staff this summer: Sara Armstrong, Amanda Weidner, Carrie Giauque, Mark Cross, Lisa Groff, Angie Bruner, Nikki Streck, Cambria Loomans, Kathy Vanderloop (not in the picture - Erica Young, Janet Brush, Morgan Vandenlangenberg, Christine Luke, Katie Sedenquist).


The goal of this summer program was to support students to recover courses they had previously failed to earn D-. 88% of students who participated needed to recover more than one credit.

The core content teacher helped by determining which standards the students needed to complete and assigned the appropriate work to meet the standard. Once students recovered a course they could move on to recover the next credit right away. 

It was fun to see students supporting each other and cheering when credits were earned. Once the student recovered all their needed credits they no longer needed to attend summer school.

Students appreciated the flexibility to be able to attend the program around a schedule that fit their needs. They were able to continue to work, attend extracurricular practices, take care of siblings, attend driver education, and various other needs.