Fall Athletics

Fall Athletics
Posted on 07/03/2020
With the potential for 2020-21 high school fall sports season quickly approaching, we are committed to preparing our student-athletes to safely compete in their chosen sport while ensuring an environment that is as safe as possible in which to do so.

Decisions regarding whether or not the fall sports season will proceed this year are still being considered. Per WIAA guidelines, these decisions are to be made locally and in collaboration with health officials based upon the risk factors of the COVID-19 Pandemic for our region at that time.
Because the 2020-21 fall sports season typically gets underway before the 2020-21 school year begins, the High School Activities Directors have created a Return to Play plan. Phase 1 of this plan details how student-athletes may take part in functional training exercises on school grounds as a first step to prepare safely for their chosen fall sport.

The guidelines and protocols found in the Return to Play plan have been reviewed by AASD nurses and the City of Appleton Health Officer.  

As soon as July 6, student-athletes who sign a waiver to participate will be allowed up to 60 minutes per day, in a controlled environment, to work with their coach and with a group not to exceed ten people, following safety guidelines and social distancing protocols.  

The Return to Play plan was created using information from multiple health-related and medical experts. The plan is in alignment with WIAA’s suggested guidelines and the plans of other local school districts. Please note that this plan can be altered or changed at any time based upon the most recent health information and recommendations from the city health department and AASD nurses.
AASD Activities Directors will work directly with AASD coaches and Licensed Athletic Trainers (LAT’s) to implement Phase 1 of the Return to Play plan with fidelity. This will ensure that all coaches are consistently following the guidelines that are in place to protect the safety of our student-athletes, coaches, families, and community members. As part of the Return to Play plan, there will be an ongoing monitoring system in place that will include a daily check-in for each athlete.

Before any consideration of moving to Phase 2 of the Return to Play plan, a full review of Phase 1 will be completed. This will include feedback and recommendations from AASD nurses, our city health department, and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). 

Phase 2 will allow some additional opportunities for students to engage in more sport-specific activities that will prepare them for their chosen fall sport.