Feedback Requested: Secondary Social Studies

Feedback Requested: Secondary Social Studies
Posted on 03/06/2023
The AASD 7-12 Social Studies Director is reviewing a digital product that provides primary sources for students. As part of the adoption process, AASD staff members, students, parents, and residents are provided with the opportunity to examine and contribute feedback on the recommended instructional materials.

The feedback collected will be taken into consideration by the committee to determine the final list of instructional materials that will be recommended to the AASD Board of Education.

The AASD 7-12 Social Studies Director requests feedback on the following:

Courses: All core courses: Civics (3000), World History (3170), Global Studies (3520), Humanities (3500), U.S. History (3070), AP U.S. History (3050), American Studies (3030), AP American Studies (3060)
Publisher: Standford History Education Group (SHEG)

Digital Access can be located at:

Feedback must be submitted by 4PM on Tuesday, April 18, 2023.

Questions regarding these recommendations may be directed to

Ms. Kelly Leopold,
7-12 Social Studies Director
(920) 832-6157 x2179.

Fill out an online feedback form here.

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