Increasing Access for Multilingual Families

Increasing Access for Multilingual Families
Posted on 11/28/2022
It continues to be the intent and commitment of the Appleton Area School District to provide communication access to our multilingual families and ensure that all families understand key issues, events, and materials that are produced by the District.

If a language other than English is spoken at home, we encourage our Appleton Area School District parents and guardians to utilize our Hmong and Spanish language phone lines.

We encourage the use of these direct interpreter lines for assistance with:

 - Enrollment and registration
 - Clarification or more information on district communications and family messages
 - Non-site-specific concerns or questions
 - If you have a school-specific question, need to speak to your student’s teacher, or need to report attendance, please contact your school and request to speak to their interpreter

Hmong Language Direct Phone Number 
Tsev kawm ntawv AASD Hmoob tus xov tooj
(920) 832-6103

Spanish Language Direct Phone Number 
Teléfono del Distrito AASD en Español 
(920) 832-4882

Email/Correo electrónico
[email protected] 

Our District interpreter service team will monitor these mailboxes Monday through Friday and will provide interpretation service to you within 24 hours during business hours.

If your message is left after 12:00 p.m. on Friday, or during a non-school day, your message will be returned the following school day. Please leave a detailed message that includes your full name, your preferred contact method details, either your phone number or email address, and the reason for your call. Please indicate in your message if you’d like the interpreter to contact you back, or if this message is a request that should be interpreted on your behalf and passed along for action to another department or school building.