Resource Stewardship in the AASD

Resource Stewardship in the AASD
Posted on 04/04/2022
The Appleton Area School District (AASD) continues to champion the needs of our school communities and be responsible stewards of the public’s investment. 

Part of our Mission Statement is to align resources and operations directly to district priorities that ensure the success of all students with maximum efficiency and excellence.

Prepaying on Debt
In our effort to continually be the best stewards of taxpayers’ dollars, over the past five years, we have prepaid $18.5 million on our 2014 referendum debt.  

AASD will save taxpayers approximately $4.5 million in interest by paying off this 20-year debt in 2023, nine years earlier than required. 
Tax Rate DetailsProperty Taxes
AASD prides itself on being fiscally responsible while also meeting the educational needs of our increasingly diverse student population. 

We have reduced our tax rate in each of the past six years. Our 2021 rate of $7.66 on $1,000 of property is more than $1.00 less than the current state average. 

In addition, the State requires us to include in our tax rate the amount that must go to private schools in the Appleton area through the State voucher program. This year, the amount included in our $7.66 rate is $0.48. 

As a taxpayer, you elect members of the school board who set the tax rate and then provide oversight of how your tax dollars are spent by the district. The portion of your property taxes that goes to local private schools, which totals over $4.5 million this year, is not overseen by the AASD Board of Education.   

The District commits to being fiscally responsible, efficient in our use of resources, and transparent in our continued partnership with the community.

More financial information can be found on the district website, at