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Alternative Programs

The Appleton Area School District, in partnership with several community agencies, offers a number of alternative educational opportunities for students who are at risk of not completing their education, including students in need of special education services. These opportunities target specific learning needs and offer alternatives to the traditional classroom setting.
The AASD is committed to meeting the educational needs of each and every student. These educational programs, which extend beyond the walls of our schools and utilize the resources of our community, are provided as alternative educational opportunities.

Belief Statement

As members of the Appleton Area School District, we believe that all students can learn at high levels when we:

  • Maintain and communicate high expectations
  • Provide the highest quality instruction
  • Foster a sense of belonging and create supportive learning environments
  • Develop and maintain strong community and home-school connections


As members of the Appleton Area School District community, it is our collective responsibility to work together to raise the achievement of all students while closing the gaps between our highest and lowest performing students.