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GED Option #2 Program

Appleton Central offers the GEDO #2 Program as an alternative to seniors who are significantly credit deficient and at risk of not graduating high school. This Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction approved program allows students to graduate with an Appleton Area School District high school diploma awarded by their home high school.

Students are initially referred to the program from their home high school (Appleton East, West or North). Families interested in having their student considered for enrollment in the GEDO #2 Program should contact their student's school counselor at their current AASD high school. This is a voluntary program where enrollment and participation are agreed to by both the student and their parents/guardians.  

The following student qualities are considered before an initial referral is made:  

  • Past student behavior 
  • Ability to work in a self-paced environment
  • Strong desire to earn a high school diploma


  • At least 17 years of age
  • First-year senior or older
  • Demonstrate an ability to read at the 9th-grade level or higher
  • Highly recommended that student has successfully completed at least one or more credits of high school math or a minimum score of 20 on the math section of the ACT
  • One year behind peers in credits earned
  • Demonstrate 90% attendance for the most recent quarter
  • Successful completion of Health, PFM, and one semester of Civics
  • Passing the required state Civics test with a minimum score of 65
  • Completion of 30 hours of verified service learning at a pre-approved non-profit agency


In addition to voluntarily entering the program, an intake meeting will be held and a contract will be signed by the student, parent/guardian, Appleton Central Administrator, school counselor and/or school social worker.

  • Attendance of 90% or better will be maintained while enrolled in the GEDO #2 Program
  • Passing scores on each of the required GED tests
  • Successful completion of Employability Skills course
  • Portfolio completion
  • Maintain employment, working an average of 10 hours per week while in the program
  • Exhibit behavior appropriate for an adult education class

If you have any questions regarding basic enrollment requirements or any other questions, please contact Justin Heitl, Principal of Appleton Central at (920) 852-5590 or the student’s assigned School Counselor at their AASD home high school.