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Community Learning Center

Appleton Central’s Community Learning Center (CLC) is designed to meet the academic, social and behavioral needs of students, in grades 6-8 who have been administratively placed in the program.  

The required hours of attendance are Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

The curriculum is focused on the core subject areas of Mathematics, ELA, Science and Social Studies tailored to meet the student's’ grade level and his/her academic needs. The goal is to cover material that the student would be exposed to within their home school classes. Age-appropriate volunteer opportunities may be scheduled, as well as occasional fitness activities.  

The culture and climate of the program provides increased opportunities for attention to social and behavioral needs within the classroom. Students will also participate in individual and/or group work with the school social worker and professional counselor.  

Students will be required to follow established goals, follow all school rules and district expectations and meet the requirements of their expulsion, withdrawal agreements or school contract to remain enrolled. CLC prepares students to successfully return to their home school when academic and/or behavioral goals are met.



  • An integrated program where reading, writing, speaking and listening are taught.
  • Reading in the content areas of science and social studies.
  • Writing will focus on classroom readings, open response items, analytical writing and essay development.
  • Grammar, usage, mechanics, organization and spelling are taught in connection with both reading and writing.


  • Direct instruction at appropriate grade level.
  • Emphasis on practical application.


  • Provides the student with experiences in the Life, Earth, Environmental and Physical Sciences.
  • Classroom instruction, discussions, research, projects and occasional demonstrations/activities.
  • Integration of reading and writing skills.

Social Studies

  • Instruction will include grade appropriate U.S. History, World History, Ancient Civilizations, Geography and Civics.
  • Integration of reading and writing skills.
  • Social & Behavioral Development
  • Individual goals developed with staff and family
  • Frequent contact between home and school
  • Individual counseling, monitored compliance in accordance to district agreement


Contact Mr. Heitl, Principal, at (920) 852-5590.