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PRIDE Program

Persons Receiving Interim Diversionary Education (PRIDE) is an interim alternative educational setting for secondary special education students ages 12 to 21.

Program Goals

  • To provide students with educational opportunities that will allow them to successfully progress toward their IEP goals and objectives
  • Successfully reintegrate students to their home school


  • Appleton Area School District (AASD) student with a current IEP
  • Special education student expelled from the district by the school board and then placed by the district
  • Special education student placed on a 45-day interim for possessing drugs and weapons
  • Special education student who voluntarily withdraws and agrees to a placement at Pride as an alternative to expulsion
  • Regular education student being considered for expulsion may be eligible for a diagnostic placement if the student has a significant educational history that would suggest the need for a special education evaluation

Access to Program

  1. IEP Team convenes and includes the following: Special Education Coordinator, Pride Program Teacher, additional school personnel and agencies involved with the student, student and parents/guardian
  2. Student's schedule will be determined by the IEP Team
  3. Special education students placed in the Pride program remain the responsibility of their home school and case manager, including responsibility for any IEP meeting conducted while the student attends the program