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Appleton Community 4K & Local Preschool Options

Appleton Community 4K 

Appleton Community 4K builds a lifelong love of learning by providing safe and nurturing educational environments. We focus on age-appropriate concepts and academic growth in play-based learning settings.

Learning experiences are driven by each individual child’s interests and encourage creativity, curiosity, problem solving, and exploration. Student progress is monitored and assessed in areas that include Early Literacy Development, Mathematical Thinking, and Social and Emotional Development.
In Appleton Community 4K, we're playing, learning, and growing today... to lead, care, and contribute tomorrow. We'd love to have your child join us!

What does 4K look like in the Appleton Area School District?

  • Appleton Community 4K is universal for all 4 year olds and is voluntary
  • It is a comprehensive child development program providing high-quality learning opportunities for all four-year-old children and their families prior to 5K
  • Appleton Community 4K is implemented using a Community-Based Collaborative Model that builds on existing early learning programs, child care centers, private preschools, and Head Start programs, in partnership with the AASD to provide quality early childhood education for four year olds
  • All Appleton Community 4K teachers must be licensed through the Department of Public Instruction (DPI)

Other Local Preschool Programs

Other programs available for children under 5 in the Appleton Area School District