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The Ọmọladé Academy (K-3)

Our School

The mission of The Ọmọladé Academy is to ignite excellence in our students by providing a world-class holistic African-centered educational experience that amplifies students’ intellectual, leadership, and entrepreneurial talents to ensure they are competitive and bold change makers in our global society.

The vision of The Ọmọladé Academy is to create a world-class K-5 learning model that goes beyond traditional education and positions all students to excel academically, thrive personally, and contribute meaningfully to society.


The Ọmọladé Academy offers an innovative, transformational educational experience to students and their families. Our school is dedicated to providing comprehensive, African-centered instruction that is culturally relevant and responsive. 

Ọmọladé is a Yoruba word that means 'Child of the Crown,' it's a beautiful and meaningful word that represents the potential and promise of every child who walks through our doors. All of our scholars are royalty.

Unlock your child's potential at The Ọmọladé Academy, an affirming learning space where every scholar is gifted, talented, nourished, and loved every day.

Our focus extends beyond academics, emphasizing community, unity, collective work, a sense of belonging, high expectations, shared belief systems, responsibility, togetherness, humility, collaboration, joy and love, achievement, mutual respect, and dignity. In the formative years of our students, we strive to instill in them a sense of being young, gifted, treasured, valued, and respected.

Everyone Belongs - We Belong

  • We foster a sense of belonging by acknowledging and celebrating the diverse cultural identities of its students. This is done by incorporating African-centered rituals, practices, and symbols within our school culture and encouraging students to share their cultural traditions.
  • We create a student-centered environment where our scholars and their families feel respected and valued in their school environment.
  • Our classrooms are open and student-centered, encouraging collaboration and teamwork and providing student leadership and decision-making opportunities.
  • We foster a sense of community where our scholars are valued and supported. We create opportunities for scholars to engage with each other through mentorship programs or student groups and by encouraging families and community members to be involved in the school.
  • We will use resources that reflect the values and traditions of our school community.
  • We foster a sense of belonging, ownership, and pride within our school community, where all our scholars and their families belong.

School Practices 

  • All our scholars are members of royal families; thus, we are The Ọmọladé Academy.
  • Our families are treated with respect and will play a critical role in our school.
  • The school will require scholars to wear uniforms. 
  • Daily African-centered rituals and practices, such as Drum Calls, Affirmations, libations, and pledges, will be incorporated.
  • Classrooms will also be named after Black sheroes and heroes or symbols representing African and African American history.
  • Kwanzaa principles such as unity, self-determination, cooperative economics, creativity, and purpose will be integrated into our Academy culture.
  • Language classes in Swahili, Yoruba, and/or Sign Language may be offered.
  • Our Academy layout will feature images and symbols representing the richness and diversity of people of African descent.
  • Our classrooms are colorful, student-centered and open, encouraging collaboration.
  • African-centered cultural arts programs will include African drum/dance/hip hop, blues, classical music, and arts classes. 
  • Culturally responsive and relevant authentic assessments will be utilized.

Apply to an AASD Charter School

Our charter school application window opened on December 1, 2023 for the 2024-2025 school year. Our application is a lottery process so there is no need to rush; take your time learning about all of our offerings.

February 23, 2024 is the cutoff to be placed in the lottery. Applications after that date will be put on the waiting list if no spots are available in the order they are received.

All families will be notified by March 8, 2024 if a seat has been reserved for their student, or if their name has been added to a waiting list.

Our charter school application portal will remain open until the end of August. If it is after that date, we encourage you to contact the charter school of your choosing directly to see if there are current openings.

Click here for the AASD Charter School Online Application

If your student is already enrolled in a charter school another application does not need to be completed to continue attending that charter school. If your student wants to attend a different charter school then an application needs to be completed. Siblings of a student currently attending a charter school also need to complete an application.

Printable Applications
Applications must be completed and submitted within the application window.

Copies of printed applications are also available at each charter school, our District Welcome Center, and the District Leadership Center.

Charter School Transportation
Transportation for charter school students is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Open Enrollment
If a student resides in the Appleton Area School District and completes the charter school application process, they do not need to complete the district’s School of Choice Open Enrollment application.

The Open Enrollment (OE) process is separate from the charter school student application process.

Students living outside the Appleton Area School District must apply for Open Enrollment through the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) between February 5, 2024 - April 30, 2024, through the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) in addition to completing the charter school application process.

Click here for more information on open enrolling to the Appleton Area School District.

Many students receive notification of approval to enroll in a charter school. However, different factors are taken into account that may prohibit acceptance into the AASD. Your child’s enrollment, therefore, will not be official until accepted by the District for open enrollment. Notification of the District’s decision is sent to families the first week of June. Your child’s spot at the charter school will be held until that time if you accept the position in the charter school now.

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Address: 2224 N. Ullman St. Appleton, WI 54911
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Phone: (920) 852-5495