2021 Native American Heritage Month

American Indian Nations of Wisconsin

The month of November is nationally recognized as Native American Heritage Month. Native Heritage Month is a time to educate, celebrate, and honor the many contributions Native people have made to our society. 

Currently, there are 600 plus federally recognized and non-federally recognized Tribal Nations of what is currently known as the United States. Each Nation has their own separate set of cultural traditions and beliefs, and this month is about showcasing and celebrating these unique traditions.

This month is also about acknowledging the challenges that Indigenous people have faced, the advancements that Indigenous people have made, and uplifting and highlighting the Indigenous perspective and voice. 

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Join Indigenous Chef Arlie Doxtator for a virtual food demonstration for Native American Heritage month

Chef Arlie shows the step-by-step process of making Roasted Butternut Squash Soup and The Three Sisters. 

The Three Sisters is a vegetable medley of corn, squash and beans that are planted together so each plant can support and nourish each other. Corn, beans and squash have provided nutrition for the Haudenosaunee people for generations. These three sisters grow together and support each other as they thrive. Traditionally, the vegetables were planted together in late May or early June.

In gardens, small mounds were built 2 feet apart at the base and 4 feet apart at the top. In the center of each, several corn kernels were planted in a small circle. After the corn grew about a hand high, pole beans were planted in another circle in the mound, about 6 inches outside the corn. A week later, squash seeds were planted around the outer edge of the mound. The beans grew up the cornstalks, which were strong enough to hold the weight. The squash grew out and covered the ground, keeping out the weeds and keeping in the moisture.

There are 600+ recognized Native Nations in North America. So, not surprisingly, because there are hundreds of Native Nations, there are thousands of recipes for cooking with the Three Sisters.