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When a student with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is between the ages of 14-21, the student’s IEP is required to include a written Transition Plan. The Transition Plan in the IEP focuses on the student’s future goals after High School.The plan must include the student’s postsecondary employment goal, the student’s education/training goal, and, as appropriate, what the student’s independent living goal is.

The plan must also spell out what the student needs to learn toward reaching their postsecondary goals, how and when they will receive instruction/experience in order to learn these things, and who will support the student’s learning now and in the future.

The Transition Plan in the IEP does not replace, nor can it be replaced by, the Academic and Career Plan (ACP) that all students complete as part of their secondary education, but the information that each planning process produces can inform the other to benefit the student.

The Transition Plan in the IEP must be reviewed at least annually and changed as needed, just like the IEP. The Transition plan in the IEP is formally known as the “I-8 page” and may be called the “Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP)” in Wisconsin, but these all refer to the same Transition plan in the IEP.

This webpage is designed to provide information about Transition plan development and implementation. The main intent is to improve Appleton Area School District student outcomes by empowering everyone to fully participate in the process.

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