Transition Services

When a student has a personalized education plan (IEP) and is between 14 and 21 years old, the IEP must include a Transition Plan. This plan focuses on the student's goals after high school, covering things like their job plans, education or training goals, and if applicable, their plans for independent living.

In the Transition Plan, it's outlined what the student needs to learn to achieve their goals, how and when they'll be taught or gain experience, and who will support their learning now and in the future.

It's important to note that the Transition Plan doesn't replace the Academic and Career Plan (ACP) that all students complete during secondary education. However, the information from both plans can be used to help the student.

The Transition Plan in the IEP, also known as the "I-8 page" or "Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP)" in Wisconsin, should be reviewed yearly and adjusted as necessary, just like the IEP.

Developing a Postsecondary Transition Plan
Parents Guide to the Postsecondary Transition Plan
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Opportunities for AASD Students

Beyond the Classroom
Beyond the Classroom (BTC) offers 18 unique weeks of hands-on, community-based learning opportunities for transition-age youth (17-21) with disabilities. Students participate in lessons on financial literacy, cooking, social/emotional awareness, laundry, public safety, healthy living, and much more! BTC helps students prepare for graduation, equipping them with skills to transition from school to adulthood.

Students can attend based on referrals from their school. If you think your student is a good fit, please contact your students case manager or the AASD Transition Coordinator.

Project SEARCH
Hosted at Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital, Project SEARCH is a national, academic, business-led transition program that prepares high school graduates with disabilities for success in competitive, integrated employment. Project SEARCH features classroom instruction hands-on training through three 10-week internships in different areas of the hospital. Open to AASD students.

School District Transition Services
Individualized program where students work one-on-one with a VPI Employment Specialist for career exploration and to develop resumes, complete mock interviews, and work on job applications. Employment Specialists connect with local employers to make a good job match for both the client and the employer. This program supports both volunteer work and community employment. Open to AASD and Neenah Joint School District students.

Skills For Work
Skills for Work is a fall/spring semester-long program consisting of 2 weeks of classroom activities including Skills to Pay the Bills curriculum, job readiness (mock interviews, resume writing) and 5 job shadows. Students then complete two unique 8-week internships at a community employer. Open to ages 14-24. Scholarships available. Program hosted by US Venture.