Social Workers

School social workers focus on the emotional, behavioral, social and family factors that affect a student's learning in school.

School social workers usually work in the following areas: problem identification assessment, family dynamics, school-community liaison, group dynamics, individual casework, and crisis intervention.


  • Perform individual casework and provide short-term therapy which includes:
    • Evaluation of emotional and behavioral needs
    • Collaboration with others to develop a plan of action to facilitate a student's adjustment within the home, school, and community
    • Crisis intervention services
    • Assessment of family problems and their interference with the educational process
  • Maintain an appropriate liaison between clients and community agencies as well as the school and community agencies
  • Facilitate and co-facilitate student groups which focus on such areas as SAP, social skills, and other pertinent adjustment issues
  • Collaborate and consult with other student services and district staff during scheduled team meetings as well as informally
  • Aid in identification of students with special education needs


Each school social worker is generally assigned to one or more schools in the district. The schedule for the school social worker is available in either the school or guidance office. Social workers may be contacted at any of their assigned schools.

Provision of Services

School social workers may consult with staff regarding students, observe and have limited contact with students, and provide follow up services without a formal referral or consent. However, in some situations, such as special education evaluations, they are not permitted to have direct contact with students until a referral has been submitted and parent consent received.