Working in the AASD

Our District includes Appleton Community 4K, 15 elementary, 4 middle, and 3 high schools. In addition, we have 14 charter schools and 1 magnet school. We have a large Hmong and Hispanic population and provide English Learner services for students with limited English proficiency.
The AASD is known throughout the area as a progressive district that emphasizes individualism, empathy, and community-oriented learning. As the sixth-largest school district in the state, we think our staff programs and benefits speak for themselves:

New Staff Induction

We support our educators in their first years in the AASD with a structured, collaborative, and non-evaluative support system that will yield professionally empowered educators who understand AASD’s commitment to their continual professional growth, thereby fostering student success.

New Educator Mentoring
The two-year induction program, in compliance with PI-34, contains three main components: an ongoing orientation to welcome all new educators to the district and provide training, support seminars for professional development tied to the Wisconsin educator standards, and a mentor to provide ongoing instructional and management support to initial educators

1:1 Technology
We are proud to be a district where each student and staff member are issued a device to communicate, create, and collaborate, as well as have access to many other innovative teaching and learning tools. 

Professional Staff Development
We believe that staff development must:
  • Successfully assimilate and support the professional development of staff in the district
  • Be ongoing, interactive, and job-embedded
  • Continuously be assessed to direct the planning and implementation of district efforts
Large district resources including:
  • Technology Initiatives, including Technology Integration Specialists
  • Literacy Specialists
  • Special Education Resources
  • Collaborative Learning Environments with Planned Learning Times
  • Paid Time Off, Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits
  • Extensive Employee Wellness Program: Gold Level Well Workplace Award winner
  • Competitive, transparent salaries
  • A path to compensation increase based on staff development