District & School Report Cards

As part of the state accountability system, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) produces report cards for every district and school in Wisconsin

School report cards provide a school and district-wide overview of:

  • Student Achievement
  • Student Growth
  • Target Group Outcomes
  • On-Track and Post-Secondary Readiness

Check out this guide from DPI on how to read school and district report cards.

To access the district and school report cards, navigate through the below document container.

2019 Wisconsin Act 185 prohibited the release of school and district accountability report cards in the 2020-21 school year. The Office of Educational Accountability (OEA) did not issue school or district report cards for 2019-20.

How can parents use the report card?

  • Review your child’s School Report Card every year.
  • Review the areas of strengths and improvement it indicates for your child’s school and district. Ask school staff what steps the school is taking to help students succeed and improve.
  • Support your child’s learning and your child’s school. Ask your school principal how parents can help the school improve.
  • Attend school events such as family learning nights with your child. Volunteer to help at school events or to work one-on-one with children to improve their skills.
  • Join your school’s parent group to learn more about school programs and efforts that make the school a better place for all students.
  • Bring the School Report Card to parent-teacher conferences and talk about the student performance data in the report cards. Ask your child’s teacher about classroom data as well. Ask how you can help your child improve and be on-track to their next milestone.