Family Move

Family Move To Outside the District

When a family moves from within the Appleton Area School district to outside the district (inter-district), students may continue to attend the school where they are currently enrolled if they qualify for a Tuition Waiver (see below).

Students who qualify for a Tuition Waiver are entitled to continue their enrollment through the waiver period. However, they are required to apply for open enrollment at the next possible time (February each year) that the application process is available to remain in the District for the present school year and beyond.

Those students attending under a Tuition Waiver agreement will have their applications approved for open enrollment. They will be assured continued enrollment unless they commit a violation of school rules, which equals an expellable offense.
Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Family Move Within the District

When a family move occurs within the AASD (intra-district), students may continue to attend the school where they are currently enrolled even though their residence has changed to another AASD attendance area.

Students can then transition through the same elementary, middle and high school as their attendance area peers without having to apply through the District's Open Enrollment process.

Essentially, a student maintains his/her original "home" school status throughout the elementary, middle, and high schools grades no matter how many moves occur within the AASD. However, if a student enrolls at the new school at the time of the move or any time thereafter, the new school then becomes the "home" school for the student.
For a family move, transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
Parents who wish to have their student(s) remain in the same school after an intra-district move occurs should inform their school or update their address in Infinite Campus.