Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in Appleton to attend an AASD Charter?
No, students may open enroll to the Appleton Area School District during the state open enrollment period to attend AASD Charter Schools.

When is the process for open enrolling and when is the open enrollment window?
More information on open enrolling to the Appleton Area School District

How do I enroll?
Find more information on our yearly application window here.

Can I enroll in more than one charter?
Yes, it is possible in some cases. Please check with Charter School individually for more information regarding enrollment.

How much does it cost?
During the school year, students of the Appleton Area School District can attend as they would any other AASD school without charge. Summer programs; however, may have associated fees. Please check with each school individually.

I am interested in learning more about specific schools. Where do I find more information?

To fully compare school options and make informed selections we encourage our families to engage with ALL of the schools that interest them. Visit the school’s website and social media pages, and call their front office to learn about virtual or in-person events — an important step to ensure the climate, culture, and academic offerings of a school will meet your student’s needs.

Choosing a school for your child is an extremely important and personal decision, and it requires some research. We do our best to provide you with all the information we can through this website and our social media channels, but nothing can replace visiting a school in person to ensure the climate, culture, and academic offerings of the school will meet your student’s needs.

The most important information is collected through personal experience, and we encourage prospective families to visit schools you are interested in and ask lots of questions so you can make an informed choice for your student. 

We also encourage attendance at our annual Only in the AASD Charter School Fair held each January! Learn more about the innovative and specialized learning opportunities that await your student in the AASD.