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To fully compare school options and make informed selections we encourage our families to engage with ALL of the schools that interest them.

Charter schools in Appleton are all unique in their mission and offer various programming such as environmental education; engineering; fine arts; Montessori education - to name a few.

Charter schools encourage innovation and creativity in their approach to providing additional educational options for families and students.

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Visit the school’s website and social media pages, and call their front office to learn about virtual or in-person events — an important step to ensure the climate, culture, and academic offerings of a school will meet your student’s needs.

Appleton Bilingual School - Grades K-5
Opened September 2011
913 N Oneida Street, Appleton, WI 54911
(920) 852-5535

The Appleton Bilingual School develops academic excellence and language fluency in Spanish and English, builds cross-cultural relationships, and nurtures an enthusiasm for learning in order for students to achieve future educational and career success and to become active citizens in local and global communities. The Appleton Bilingual School is partnered with Columbus Elementary School.

Why should you enroll your child in the Appleton Bilingual School?
- Your child will have new experiences and understand familiar things with a fresh perspective.
- People who learn other languages come to better understand and feel comfortable in unfamiliar settings and situations.
- Your child will be able to effectively use Spanish and English in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and everyday conversation.

Appleton eSchool - Grades 7-12
Opened September 2002
Located within Appleton East High School
2121 Emmers Drive, Appleton, WI  54915
(920) 852-5608

Fully virtual? Part-time online? Blended schedule? ‘A la carte’ online courses? Appleton eSchool has the flexibility to help you reach your goals! In addition, you can earn an “online course ready” badge for your high school transcript to demonstrate your online learning excellence for post high school readiness! 

Appleton Public Montessori - Age 4 - Grade 6
Opened September 2005
1545 E Broadway Drive, Appleton, WI  54913
(920) 852-5515

Why Montessori? Emphasis on the whole child, individualized learning, Montessori certified teachers, multi-age classrooms, Performing Arts instruction, Environmental Studies within Plamann Park, Community Art Partnerships, and promotes independence, respect, responsibility, and leadership.

Appleton Technical Academy - Grades 9-12
Opened September 2014
Located within Appleton West High School
610 N Badger Avenue, Appleton, WI  54914
(920) 852-5410

The Appleton Technical Academy (ATECH) is committed to providing high school students with a jumpstart toward successful and rewarding careers within the modern manufacturing and technology industries. We offer a unique blend of academic content focus and skill development in a highly engaging hands on learning environment. By partnering with Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) and local business/industry, we are preparing our students for indemand, high paying occupations in high in the area of technology/manufacturing. 

Classical School - Grades K-8
Opened September 1999
3310 N Durkee Street, Appleton, WI  54911
(920) 852-5525

Classical School strives to develop graduates who are critical thinkers, coherent writers, confident speakers, thoughtful leaders, and virtuous citizens. The school day structured around teacher-led instruction during which every educational minute matters. Classical School is part of the Appleton Area School District; no tuition is charged.

Classical School is an official Core Knowledge® school that provides an engaging and academically rigorous curriculum. (Core Knowledge® should not be confused with the Common Core Standards). The school promotes knowledge-centered education and the values of a democratic society. For the sake of academic excellence, greater fairness, and higher literacy, Core Knowledge® provides a solid, specific, shared core curriculum to help children establish a strong academic foundation. Students at Classical School are skill grouped for math and reading. Reading instruction begins in kindergarten using the SRA Direct Instruction programs. Once students learn to read, instruction focuses on the further development of fluency skills through literary analysis, vocabulary development, and the introduction of more complex syntax in unabridged, classic literature. Grammar and writing are emphasized in all grades and content areas. Math instruction is delivered through the Saxon Math program, which emphasizes mastery of skills. Most students at Classical complete algebra or geometry by the end of the eighth grade.

Students at Classical School also receive a solid common knowledge base of American and world history, geography, science, and the fine arts – including a solid base in art history and music history. Spanish language instruction is provided daily beginning in kindergarten. Exposure to Latin also begins in kindergarten. Sixth through eighth graders are given instruction in the areas of informal fallacies of logic and formal logic. Students in grades K-8 participate in physical education, art, and music classes each week. Orchestra is available for students in grades 4-8 and band for students in grades 5-8.

Foster Elementary Charter School - Grades K-6
Opened September 2006
305 W Foster Street, Appleton, WI  54915
(920) 852-5470

Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School creates partnerships among students, staff, parents and community members to serve a diverse population of learners comprised of neighborhood and open enrolled students. Foster develops independent learners who: honor diversity; show respect for themselves, others, and the environment; and seek to use their unique strengths to lead efforts to improve the world around them. The innovative learning approach at Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School features the following components:

  • Grade level community service projects tied to standards
  • Activities that promote diversity and celebrate different cultures
  • Common Core Standards based, differentiated instruction based upon informal assessment of student knowledge
  • Strengths based career exploration
  • An emphasis on educating the “whole child”
Fox Cities Leadership Academy (FCLA) - Grades 9-12
Located within Appleton North High School
Opened September 2007
5000 N Ballard Road, Appleton, WI  54913
(920) 852-5405

FCLA offers a rigorous, contemporary & interdisciplinary curriculum that provides students with the opportunity to develop lifelong skills through our small learning community. Students will develop skills such as: Critical thinking, Problem solving, and Leadership.  

How will FCLA enhance my child's high school experience? We focus on the big picture by incorporating standards from two or more subject areas (integrated curriculum), so that students develop a deeper understanding of the topic or concept being studied. FCLA works with students and families to create a high school educational experience that will meet their post-secondary readiness goals. Credits in the FCLA are earned over a four year time-span rather than in a single designated year. All courses will appear on the student's official transcript, but will be asterisked, indicating to colleges that they are advanced courses.   

What else makes the FCLA unique? FCLA students join a non-traditional learning community grounded in interdisciplinary coursework, contemporary issues, and working collaboratively with other students, staff, and community members; complete internships to explore post-secondary and career options; develop and present a professional leadership portfolio and resume; earn a Wisconsin Youth Leadership Skills Certificate issued by the DPI; and culminate their senior year with a student designed Senior Capstone Project. 

Fox River Academy - Grades K-8 
Located within and on the campus of Jefferson Elementary
Opened September 2005
1000 S Mason Street, Appleton, WI  54914
(920) 852-5500

“Where Learning Extends Beyond Classroom Walls” Engaging learners in hands-on experiences… Motivating students to life-long learning… Using today’s technology to protect tomorrow.

Fox River Academy is a nationally-recognized Green Ribbon School with a focus on the environment. Students are prepared to use 21st century skills to problem solve. Fox River Academy integrates an environmental theme in all core subject areas as well as through technology and STEM. At FOX, students don’t just read about science, they experience it through observation and discovery. Students engage in meaningful community service-learning projects through which they develop skills and make contacts that will benefit them in college and future careers. Teaming with local universities such as FVTC, UW-Fox and Lawrence University allows our students firsthand experiences that prepares them for higher education success. If your child is interested in the environment and you would like to see your child inspired to learn and excel academically, he or she will benefit from Fox River Academy!

Kaleidoscope Academy - Grades 6-8
Opened September 2007 
318 E Brewster Street, Appleton, WI  54911
(920) 852-5430

Kaleidoscope Academy is a dynamic middle school focused on the individual and 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and effective communication skills. Students have more choices in how they structure their day which include dance, art, graphic art and design, computer coding, creative music making, theater, band, orchestra, choir, technology engineering, family and consumer education, and world language.

Kaleidoscope Academy uses flexible blocks of time with interdisciplinary teaming in a technology rich environment. Instruction is inquiry based and progressively project based. Transitioning from elementary school is smoother as students work within a two teacher team for two-thirds of their day. For students looking for an innovative and collaborative learning environment, Kaleidoscope Academy provides the opportunity for students to make their own choices, develop their interests at an earlier age and prepares them with the skills needed to tackle complex tasks in an ever changing global society.   

Renaissance School for the Arts - Grades 9-12
Located within Appleton West High School
Opened September 2000 
610 N Badger Avenue, Appleton, WI  54914
(920) 852-5611

What is RSA? The Renaissance School for the Arts High School has been a charter high school in Appleton for over 20 years. We are an arts based school that is dedicated to blending high quality arts experiences with advanced academic coursework/scheduling that mirrors college life.  We seek to tap into the creativity of all students and provide experiences that build that creative capacity and apply it to significant academic and artistic endeavors. Students attending RSA complete RSA coursework in the afternoon at West High School and attend their core classes at either East, North, or West High School in the morning. Who is the school designed for? All students are eligible to attend RSA.

We find students have the best experience when they have the following three specific desires for their high school experience: 
1. Desire to attend a 4 year university and/or desire the challenge of taking college prep coursework
2.Have a desire to explore ALL arts including Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts, Creative Writing, and Music
3. Desire a small community centered school (under 200 students) that promotes tolerance and a family feel in their courses and activities 

Why RSA? Graduates from RSA will be prepared for the academic challenge AND the organizational skills required for success in college by blending the creative capacity of all students with the fostering of intellectual growth in a caring community of artists. RSA students are academically, intellectually, and creatively prepared for success at university and beyond. Come to RSA to discover the artist within you.

Tesla Engineering Charter School - Grades 9-12
Located within Appleton East High School
Opened September 2002
2121 Emmers Drive, Appleton, WI  54915
(920) 852-5400
Provides a comprehensive, challenging educational experience created to meet the needs of students with an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics or STEM. Implementing a course of instruction developed and supported by Project Lead The Way, Tesla strives to help students understand the practical application of math, science, and technology in the context of engineering and design.   

Valley New School - Grades 7-12
Located within City Center Plaza in downtown Appleton
Opened September 2003
122 E. College Ave, Suite 2B, Appleton , WI 54911
(920) 852-5605

Valley New School is a learning community that empowers  individuals to become purposeful adults. VNS offers students an innovative culture where every student designs and implements a Personalized Learning Plan based on his/her passions, future goals, current strengths, and areas for personal and academic growth. Through project-based learning, students learn how to learn, conducting in-depth research on topics of interest and creating high quality products that analyze, synthesize, and evaluate what they have learned and accomplished.

Our 17:1 student-advisor ratio ensures long-term relationships and individual support—whether virtual or in person. VNS graduates are self-aware, community-minded, and versatile. They communicate effectively and have learned to manage their time and tasks, set and accomplish goals, utilize technology and resources, and collaborate to create innovation.

Wisconsin Connections Academy - Grades 4K-12
Opened September 2002
350 W Capitol Drive, Appleton, WI  54911
(920) 852-5415

A leader in virtual education, Wisconsin Connections Academy (WCA) creates dynamic opportunities for learners to succeed. At the heart of WCA is a standards based curriculum. This comprehensive curriculum affords WCA students the ability to receive a quality education within an environment that is most conducive to their learning while parents enjoy a greater involvement in their children’s educational life.The curriculum is delivered via the internet with online materials including lessons, textbooks, workbooks and other supplementary materials. 

Although students attend school from a variety of locations, WCA is committed to making each experience meaningful and successful in an environment that is most conducive to student learning. Therefore, each student works with Wisconsin licensed teachers and a Learning Coach (usually a parent). These individuals work together to combine the best in virtual education with very real connections among students, families, teachers, and community.  
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Chater School Locations

Transportation for charter school students is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Valley Transit routes serving area schools
AASD area middle and high school students (grades 7-12) may ride the city bus for no charge while school is in session with their current year photo ID.