School Psychologists

School psychologists are involved in the diagnosis and remediation of academic behavioral, and emotional concerns of students. Strengths, weaknesses, and adaptive functioning skills are assessed through the use of observation, interview, and psychological testing. Strategies are developed to help the student adjust and adapt within the school, home, and community domains.


  • Perform individual psychological educational assessments of intellect, academic and pre-academic skills, perceptual skills, personality dynamics, and general neuropsychological development
  • Provide individual counseling based on the assessed needs of each student
  • Aid in the identification of students with special education needs
  • Consult with students, staff, families, and community agencies regarding school problems as they relate to cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral development
  • Facilitate student groups in such areas as self-esteem, family change, and social skills
  • Facilitate and co-facilitate parent groups in the areas of effective parenting, child nurturing, and coping skills


Each school psychologist is assigned to one or more schools in the district. The schedule for the school psychologist is available in either the school or guidance office. The school psychologist may be contacted at any of his/her assigned schools.

Provision of Services

Psychological educational testing and follow up requires parent consent. Consent is not required for screening, consultation, and group work.