Teen Parent Support

Teen Parent Services meets the unique needs of students in the Appleton Area School District who are facing the challenges of pregnancy and parenting while enrolled in school by providing counseling and referral services.

The School-Age Parent Program (SAPAR) includes specialized classes, tutoring, individual counseling, support groups, and assistance with childcare and transportation arrangements on an as-needed basis.

Goals and Services

Assist teen parents in meeting high school graduation requirements.

  • Develop an Educational Service Plan for all teen parents during the pregnancy and post-partum period that facilitates services and accommodations necessary to continue their education through high school graduation

Help the teen parents cope effectively with the responsibilities and stresses of pregnancy and/or teen parenting.

  • Provide confidential individual counseling and support groups for teen parents
  • Provide assistance with referrals to community agencies
  • Provide assistance with arranging childcare and transportation, if needed. Financial assistance may also be provided on a limited basis, based upon economic need

Inform and advise teen parents of post-secondary options for job training, education, and career planning to help prepare for economic self sufficiency.

Attendance and Homebound Instruction

Students are expected to attend school in compliance with the Appleton Area School District’s attendance and tardiness policies until delivery unless medical complications arise. A verification from the student’s physician must be provided for extended absences. Prior to providing homebound instruction, a PI-2217 Physician’s Statement must be completed and on file. The student’s health status will be reviewed by the Teen Parents Services Contact with input from the student, parent, school nurse, physician and/or other appropriate school staff.

If homebound services are determined to be part of the Educational Service Plan, the homebound teacher will bring assignments provided by the student’s current instructor(s) to the student in his/her home or an alternative site and provide educational assistance. The student is expected to complete the school work in a timely manner and the homebound teacher will return the assignments to the current instructor for assessment and credit. Students are required to return to classes as soon as medically determined following the delivery. The Educational Service Plan will be reviewed and modified, if needed.

Support Services

The Teen Parent Services Contact facilitates support services. Students are encouraged to share concerns and questions in a safe, supportive, and confidential setting. The Teen Parents Services Contact will also provide information about community resources, guest speakers from various agencies, and appropriate literature. Some pertinent meetings may occur during regularly scheduled classes; teen parents are encouraged to participate in these informative activities, and are excused from their classes. The teen parent is responsible for making up any missed assignments.

Infant/Toddler Lab

Days may be scheduled periodically during the school year for students to bring their children to school for an infant/toddler lab. Developmental milestones of the child will be observed through various activities. The school nurse, school social worker, Teen Parents Services Contact, and/or guest speakers will facilitate the lab. For health and safety reasons, infants must be 6 weeks or older to participate and students are required to come directly to the designated room with their child(ren).
Please contact one of the individuals listed below, your school social worker or school nurse if you have any questions regarding your pregnancy while in school.

East High School
PaNhia Yang
(920) 852-5300 ext. 52122

Molly Welhouse
(920) 852-5300 ext. 52121

North High School
Deb Strick
(920) 852-5300 ext. 53129

West High School
Michelle Anderson
(920) 852-5300 ext. 55143

Appleton Central Program
Sarah Reis
(920) 852-5300 ext. 63022

DPI Instruction and Services for School Age Parents Booklet